Our Commercial Sealcoat Method:

No matter if you have a small parking lot or a large shopping center we will work with you and section off parts to keep your customers happy and the money rolling in.

  1. We first start out with
    • De-weeding entire lot
    • Burn out and prime oil spots
    • Clean out all cracks.
    • Scrub down entire area with heavy duty wire brooms.
    • Thoroughly blow off entire driveway.
  2. If there are asphalt patches to be made, we saw cut the existing pot hole to a square. The old asphalt is removed and tamp down RCA. We then add the hot asphalt and roll it even. After that the edges are sealed with hot rubberized crack filler.
  3. Cracks are then filled with hot rubberized crack filler by a machine that lays it down and smoothes it out. While the tar is hot we sprinkle special fine black sand called black beauty over the cracks. (This bonds the crack filler and helps prevent tire marks on those very hot days, it also camouflages the cracks once sealed).
  4. The perimeter of the lot is hand cut in with a small brush for crisp neat edges. Once that is finished we hand apply sealcoat evenly to the parking lot.
  5. Finally, cone and caution tape everything off.
  6. Once the sealcoat is dry, we replace and/or add new parking stalls, handicap, arrows, etc.
You may have seen some of our work in your local Shopping Centers, Apartment Complex, Deli's, Professional Buildings and a handful of McDonald's.